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Dee Dee Warwick: I’m Gonna Make You Love Me

Dee Dee Warwick & Erma Franklin: Forgotten Sisters Of Soul

The history of music is littered with lost treasures once overlooked and out of circulation, now easily rediscovered through the internet. None are more deserving of your time and ears than two women, who by fate or chance, have always lingered in the shadows of their more successful sisters. Dee Dee Warwick and Erma Franklin both came from talented musical […]

She Didn’t Know – The Atco Sessions

Known to R&B, connoisseurs as one of the most soulful, underrated singers of all time, Dee Dee Warwick has been recording as a solo artist since 1963 and her body of recorded work includes some of the most treasured gems in soul music history. In addition to cutting the original versions of songs like ‘You’re No Good’ (a 1963 hit […]

Do It With All Your Heart: Dee Dee Warwick Shines In The Background

Having a superstar sibling opens and closes doors. Folks will inevitably compare you to the sister or brother already out front, blazing paths and garnering acclaim. Aretha, for instance, had two enormously talented sisters. Erma, the oldest, had a glorious, jazz-dusted voice and model-ready looks. Baby sister Carolyn was an affecting singer and supremely gifted songwriter. She wrote ‘Angel’ and […]

Lost Soul Sister: Dee Dee Warwick

There are plenty of lost sisters in the shadowy realm known as ‘session work.’ Session musicians, after all, are the bedrock upon which the constructs of ‘talent’ are built – those singular edifices that come to signify entire musical landscapes. Dee Dee Warwick is not as lost as some; her voice can be found outside of the bread-and-butter work she […]

Worries Of The Warwick Sisters

A family melodrama involving bland albums and an identity crisis. But all is not yet lost… … Dionne’s sister Dee Dee also has status problems: “People think it helps to have a famous sister but it doesn’t really. My voice, my records are totally different from Dionne’s but people always hold them back by putting them in the same bag.” […]

Dee Dee Warwick Delighted With Atlantic Pact

NEW YORK: Dee Dee Warwick is with Atlantic, and she’s glad about it. Her first Atlantic release ‘She Didn’t Know (She Kept On Talking)’, written by Jerry Williams, Jr., is shaping up into a sizable hit. She has spent the last two months recording in Miami, and according to Dee Dee, “It’s been a groove – a real groove”. An […]

Dee Dee Warwick: Dionne’s Groovy Sister

Dee Dee Warwick, Dionne’s groovy sister, is a gal who knows what she wants. “My ambition is to be the best”, she explains. “I’ve been told I’m good, but I want to be the best, baby, and there is only one best.” And if the popular songstress career continues at its rapid clip it’ll be just a matter of time […]

Movie Song May Boost Dee Dee Warwick, Too

Dee Dee Warwick took the risky step five years ago of leaving a money-making backup group to try and become a solo singer – with another Warwick already making it solo. Now Dee Dee, whose sister, Dionne Warwick, sang the title tune to the movie, ‘Alfie’, has a movie title tune of her own, ‘Ring Of Bright Water’. Dee Dee […]