Dee Dee Warwick: I’m Gonna Make You Love Me


Dee Dee Warwick

I’m Gonna Make You Love Me

The Drinkard Singers

American family gospel singing group. Larry Drinkard (uncle), Nick (Nicholas) Drinkard (uncle), Anne Drinkard-Moss (aunt), Emily Drinkard (Cissy Houston) (aunt), Reebie (Marie) Drinkard (aunt), Lee (Arthur) Drinkard Warrick (mother and group’s manager), Judy (Guions) Clay (adopted sister) | After an appearance at the 1957 Newport Jazz Festival, they recorded the first gospel album to appear on a major label, the live album ‘A Joyful Noise’, for RCA Records in 1959

Older Sister



American soul and gospel singer, the older sister of Sylvia St. Claire (The Sweet Inspirations) | Step sister. She became a regular performer with the Drinkard Singers, which included Larry Drinkard, Nick Drinkard, Anne Drinkard-Moss, Emily Drinkard (Cissy Houston), Reebie Drinkard, Lee Warrick (group’s manager) | Background vocals for Doris Troy

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