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Dee Dee Warwick: I’m Gonna Make You Love Me

Do It With All Your Heart: Dee Dee Warwick Shines In The Background

Having a superstar sibling opens and closes doors. Folks will inevitably compare you to the sister or brother already out front, blazing paths and garnering acclaim. Aretha, for instance, had two enormously talented sisters. Erma, the oldest, had a glorious, jazz-dusted voice and model-ready looks. Baby sister Carolyn was an affecting singer and supremely gifted songwriter. She wrote ‘Angel’ and […]

Lost Soul Sister: Dee Dee Warwick

There are plenty of lost sisters in the shadowy realm known as ‘session work.’ Session musicians, after all, are the bedrock upon which the constructs of ‘talent’ are built – those singular edifices that come to signify entire musical landscapes. Dee Dee Warwick is not as lost as some; her voice can be found outside of the bread-and-butter work she […]